Sri Lanka Surf x Yoga

April, 2018


DURATION: 7 days, 6 nights
COST: £1100

Sri Lanka was all of our dreams come true. A world away from the waves we were used to in Europe, it is prized for it’s mellow breaks and warm warm water. Beach front accommodation, daily vinyasa and yin yoga classes and sunsets that you can only imagine in your wildest dreams made for a week of unforgettable fun and fitness with the most amazing retreaters!


It’s not just jaw-dropping architecture, delicious food and big friendly smiles awaiting you in Sri Lanka, it’s also one of the best locations to try surfing for the first time or to simply brush up on the basics and push your riding to the next level among some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and in some of the best beginner surf beaches too. Sri Lanka was the spectacular backdrop to our recent Surf x Yoga retreat and we loved every minute of it.

What makes Sri Lanka so appealing to beginner surfers is the easy accessibility to the islands waves, the large number of sand-bottomed breaks and the super-consistent swells that bring perfectly groomed waist to chest high waves into the breaks over 310+ days a year. Basically it’s super easy to get into the nice warm water an give it a go. The waves are mellow meaning you won’t feel too much like you’re in a washing machine! Our beginners arrived on one of the best surf days the west coast had seen all season. A storm had brought in a huge swell and we saw waves of 15ft plus! Our retreaters were absolute soldiers, under the watchful eye of our instructor Toni, they took to the waves and within the hour were standing up, despite their initial apprehensions.

We were super lucky with the weather as the sun shone for the whole week, with just one tropical storm halfway through. Sri Lanka is an island of two halves, with the East and West of the island experiencing different monsoon seasons, the west side of the island getting the best waves between November and April, and the east between May and October.

The best beginner surf beaches Sri Lanka offers are found towards the southern end of the island where we were, as the north is well protected from deep ocean swells from India. In the balmy south you’ll find waves to suit every taste on your Sri Lanka surf trip, from long point break walls, punchy beach break peaks and everything in between.


Check out the highlight snaps from our epic Sri Lanka Surf x Yoga trip last April. We took 8 guests to southern Sri Lanka and gave them an adventure to remember. 

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Each day our guests were taken on a journey through their bodies with a dynamic vinyasa class, specifically tailored to prepare them for a day in the waves. In the evening they were guided through a restorative, candlelit beach practice to regenerate their bodies and get them ready to do it all again the next day.

We focused our yoga classes on improving the balance and core strength of our guests to compliment their surf theory. Followed by relaxing and stretching to ensure they could continue with the whole week of surf tuition without their bodies getting tired and overworked.

Our yoga teacher, Natasha, specialises in yoga for athletes so she knew just what to do get our retreaters to their optimum fitness.

We even threw in an inversions workshop with lots of upside down playtime and a yoga Nidra (sleep yoga) as our guys got tired towards the end of the week.


We stayed with our friends at Verse Collective, a beautiful space on our favourite beach on the island, Dikwella. The perfect spot for any traveller looking to enjoy some of Sri Lanka’s highlights, airy communal spaces with stunning ocean & palm jungle views. a cafe offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, including, handcrafted speciality coffee & a twist on the traditional Sri Lankan roti. Red sky & blinking overhead fireflies make Verse Collective the first choice for sunsets in the area. During the day we had the cristal blue surf and golden sandy beach all to ourselves.

When we did feel like venturing out of this paradise (which really wasn’t often!) there were plenty of places to explore in the area such as the neighbouring surf spot, Hiriketiya Bay or the Sea Turtle Sanctuary. Dikwella is such a dreamy spot we never wanted to leave!


We couldn’t have asked for more from our amazing guests, despite having one of the biggest swells of the season with 15ft waves on their first day, they still braved the white water and gave it their all. We laughed until we cried. We got really bad suntans. And we had a really awesome week. Everyone gave it their all and made some major achievements during the week, standing up on the board, turning on the waves and getting upside down in our yoga workshop. Thanks so much for an awesome retreat guys!



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