SPAIN Surf x Yoga

SEPT, 2018


DURATION: 7 days, 6 nights
COST: £850

This retreat was a little closer to home than some of the others we ran this year. It was nice to be in familiar surroundings, with people and places we know and love.

Our guests got to stay at our favourite little B&B in boho surf town Salinas. One of norther Spains best kept secrets, this spot is perfect for all surfing levels, guaranteed waves and some September sun made for a happy group of retreaters.


Salinas is the capital of surf in Asturias and one of the most important spots in Spain. The area is commonly called Salinas Beach but its official name is El Espartal Beach and it’s divided into two parts; Salinas Beach on the left and San Juan de Nieva Beach on the right. Salinas is well known for its liveliness and the wide variety of options it has to offer.

Its consistency is extraordinary and the sandy bottoms normally work well with any tide. Salinas Beach can be divided into various parts, starting with La Peñona in the west and La Pirámide, peaks that work with a rising low tide. This zone has the most protection from the big swells but you can occasionally surf it at full tide. You’ll also find El Balneario which works with a mid rising tide. El Polvorin is in the centre of the beach in front of the lifeguard hut, La Luna is in front of the Gauzon buildings °3 and °4 and La Rampa is in front of the Gauzon building °1. This is the zone which usually has better quality waves and is therefore popular with the Salinas locals. So as you can see the area really does offer something for everyone. Our group spent most of their time catching some white waves and learning the beginner basics of pop ups and left and right turns.


Check out the highlight snaps from our this incredible trip. We took 8 guests to northern Spain and gave them an adventure to remember. 

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Each day our guests were taken on a journey through their bodies with a dynamic vinyasa class, specifically tailored to prepare them for a day in the waves. In the evening they were guided through a restorative, candlelit beach practice to regenerate their bodies and get them ready to do it all again the next day.

We focused our yoga classes on improving the balance and core strength of our guests to compliment their surf theory. Followed by relaxing and stretching to ensure they could continue with the whole week of surf tuition without their bodies getting tired and overworked.

Our yoga teacher, Natasha, specialises in yoga for athletes so she knew just what to do get our retreaters to their optimum fitness.

We even threw in an inversions workshop with lots of upside down playtime and a yoga Nidra (sleep yoga) as our guys got tired towards the end of the week. Closing the week with a sunset yin session on top of the famous Salinas dunes. Dreamy!


Like so many areas in Asturias, Espartal Beach and its dune system has been a protected natural environment since 2006. Some think that the Salinas environment and its beach, Espartal, is perhaps too urbanised, however, despite the difficulties faced when developing and conserving the natural environment, they have managed to find a balance in which an incredible surf destination, where you can enjoy the waves and the permanent liveliness of the typical bars, cider houses and restaurants, has been created. Most of these bars etc. are just a few metres away from the beach along the promenade, for example the epic San Juan bar which is popular with the locals or, if you prefer you can enjoy the grassy chill out zones and viewpoints around the wooden walkways which were built to protect the dunes. Salinas has a special air about it along with good people that undoubtedly have respect for this mythical place and its extraordinary beauty.



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